Named the most effective cough medicine

 Названо самое эффективное средство от кашля

The best remedy against cough and respiratory diseases is chocolate. To such conclusion scientists from the University of hull (UK), writes the Daily Record.

The researchers observed the condition of 163 patients suffering from a cough and took medication with cocoa, writes the Correspondent.
After a few days of treatment, people feel significant relief. It turned out that the substance theobromine (an alkaloid of the cacao) better suppresses the urge to cough than codeine, which is often used in cough medicines.
This effect is due to the ability of chocolate to envelop the throat and block the nerve endings, thereby inhibiting the desire to coughing.
Scientists believe that in the treatment of cough patients can reduce the dose of medicamento, replacing them with a piece of dark chocolate, which should dissolve in the mouth.