Named serious danger of carbonated water

 Названа серьезная опасность газированной воды

Researchers are advised to drink plain water, fruit drinks and tea.

Scientists have learned that drinking soda affects memory, reduces the volume of the brain and may cause stroke. The results of the research, the scientists published in the journals Stroke and Alzheimer’s&Dementia, said on the air “Breakfast with 1+1”.

According to scientists, people who drink a daily diet soda, three times more likely to suffer from strokes and memory disorders than those who do not drink. “Seven years of research, survey and scan of the brain about 4,5 thousand people from 45 years. They drank carbonated water. And the conclusion is quite disappointing. Every third fan of such drinks, even diet, three times more suffer from stroke and of developing dementia. Just a bottle of sparkling water without sugar at least once a day, and as a result, the volume of the human brain decreases, and the memory is much worse,” – said in the broadcast,reports UNIAN.

However, scientists still do not know why this is happening. They suggest that the connection of carbonated water and sweeteners impairs blood flow. “A similar effect is found in the human body and from the use of simple sparkling water, however, the negative impact is still less than from interest in diet POPs. “Another danger from synthetic sweeteners – it’s an incredible burden on the liver, and they can contribute to the deposition of toxins in the body,” – said in the Studio. Previously, scientists found that carbonated drinks increase the risk of developing cancer.