Named one of the most healthy dishes

Названо одно из самых полезных для здоровья блюд

The nutrients from the broth are absorbed by the body better in comparison with whole pieces of meat or fish.

This was told by the dietician Oksana Skitalinskaia, reports UNN. “Lean, mild meat or fish broth, unlike a piece of meat or fish by the piece is just a solution of amino acids, while, for example, meat – amino acids, connected by peptide bonds”, – explained the expert.

According to her, to digest meat, the body needs to allocate certain enzymes that together with the hydrochloric acid will destroy the peptide bonds of amino acids. For the body this is additional load.

Broths are proteins that are already broken down to amino acids and their absorption of many enzymes is not necessary.

Nutritionist advised to prepare broths based on a small piece of meat poultry – chicken or Turkey, but not duck or goose.