Named five possible scenarios for the development of the EU after Breaksit

 Названы пять возможных сценариев развития ЕС после Брексит

While Brussels is waiting for further action in London, observers speculate about further developments. Research center Economist Intelligence Unit presented five possible scenarios.

The first – with a probability of 40% a re-vote on the project. That is, if Theresa may will be able to persuade the EU to make concessions on the most sensitive articles of the Treaty.

The second option – another referendum. The likelihood that the British will ask you again to withdraw from the EU, analysts estimate 30%.

The following scenario – Britain leaves the EU but remains in the European economic community, as Norway. But in this case, London will not be able to restrict labour migration.

The third scenario is early elections and the coming to power of the labour party. Here the probability is only 10%.

Even less likely, the experts leave the “hard broksita”, that is, the exit of Britain from the EU without an agreement, resulting in high economic costs.