“Naftogaz” began to blackmail the Cabinet for raising tariffs

 «Нафтогаз» начал шантажировать Кабмин ради повышения тарифов

The leadership of NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, head of the Board Andrei KOBOLEV, expressing the probability of off gas in 129 cities across the country, began a deliberate blackmail of the Cabinet headed by the Prime Minister Vladimir Groysman and the entire population.

Such opinion to the correspondent of ГолосUA was expressed by the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

“This is blackmail, this is blackmail, “Naftogaz of Ukraine” and informed, I do not see that people do not understand their actions. And it’s not just blackmail, but blackmail of the state-owned and government representatives”, – said the expert.

V. Zemlyansky added that at the moment the requirement of the NAC in relation to the gas companies to pay the amount owed cannot be performed. But this problem can be solved in working order.

“Requirements “Naftogaz of Ukraine” regarding the situation must be considered and addressed in due course. It’s a decision that should be taken by the regulator, the national Commission, the issue should also be addressed in the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and these decisions must lie in the logic of the tariff policy. But now none of the gas companies cannot pay the additional funds without the inclusion of such funds in rates, respectively, it will affect every consumer of gas in Ukraine. First, on the population. The gas companies have no money to pay the money to Naftogaz. And the fee for connection to subscriber networks will come into effect from 2019. And where to take the money? Nowhere. “Naftogaz”, the first, deliberately blackmailing the authorities, and secondly, leads to artificial increase of tariffs” – the analyst added.

V. Zemlyansky also expressed the view that the Cabinet as a wholly-owned shareholder of “Naftogaz”, could make certain concessions Korolevu if he offered a compromise on their part.

“If “Naftogaz” has come out with a proposal that we are ready to revise the tariff policy to the downside, but let’s say that, for example, need to pay a monthly fee to upgrade the network … then we could say that this proposal is constructive. But in this case to anything else, except to the worsening socio-economic situation, it does not. I also see a redistribution attempt to further monopolize the market. “Naftogaz” has already stated that he will remove from the market getpostalcode organization, then naturally after will remain separate gas suppliers, the gas distribution structure separately. And now just “Naftogaz” wants to take everything under control,” he added.

We will remind, the head of the NJSC “Naftogaz of Ukraine” Andrey KOBOLEV reported that his company is ready to switch off gas supply from 129 settlements in 16 oblasts of Ukraine if state regulators do not include the price of gas for end-consumers a fee for use of networks “Naftogaz of Ukraine”.

This is reported by “Ukrainian news”, which turned out to be a copy of the letter to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman. In his letter to the COBOL specifies that “Naftogaz” is the owner of objects of gas distribution systems total cost of 588 million USD and wants to get paid for the operation of these networks together with the state.

“Approach, in which only the state as the owner has the opportunity to profit, and other owners, is a violation of the constitutional principle of equality of all forms of ownership”, – the letter says.

According to the NAC “Naftogaz of Ukraine”, the national Commission for regulation of energy and utilities (NKREKU) increased the gas tariff by refusing to include a new component – the cost for the operation of networks. So, “Naftogaz” can not obtain from consumers a fee for their pipelines. Also, the national Commission refused to register the agreement and to establish new rate for until single operator, who agreed to pay for the operation of networks Naka – OJSC “Donetskoblgaz”, stating that the agreement between JSC and NAC does not correspond to Ukrainian legislation.

“The current situation pushes the company to take action aimed at curbing the illicit use of his property by carrying out conservation of the objects of gas distribution systems. This can lead to disconnection from gas supply 129 settlements in 16 regions”, – stated KOBOLEV in a letter to the Prime Minister.

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