Mustache he called the main enemy of mankind

Усик назвал главного врага человечества

The absolute world champion in the first heavyweight Oleksandr Usyk told me that he considered the main enemy of mankind. According to the Ukrainian boxer, the hardest thing is to overcome laziness, writes Columnist.

“I believe that laziness is the enemy of mankind. I chase her away, and when I have a hard job, I live as if slightly mocking her,” – said the Mustache in an interview with “project Strong. With Oksana Hnatyshyn”.

The Ukrainian champion has shared the recipe for how to overcome this problem.

“We need to move. If you don’t want to run ten miles, you need to run. To do the opposite. Still much to go. I have everything: the power and the will and willpower,” he joked Mustache.