Musk showed a real photo of a sensational development

Маск показал реальное фото сенсационной разработки

Completed Assembly of test rocket Starship

SpaceX founder Elon Musk showed real photos of the new spaceship Starship.

The picture was published in his Twitter. “Just completed the Assembly of the Starship test rocket on the launch pad SpaceX in Texas. This is a real photo, not a rendering,” he wrote, reports

“This is for suborbital tests of VTOL (vertical takeoff and landing). The orbital version has a thicker shell (no wrinkles) and smoothly curved section of the nose,” added Musk.

As you know, SpaceX is developing a Starship and a giant Super Heavy rocket to deliver humans to the moon and back, to Mars and to other destinations throughout the Solar system.

Маск показал реальное фото сенсационной разработки