Movie premieres from 14 to 21 June: TOP 3 hot new releases Ukrainian rolled steel

Кинопремьеры с 14 по 21 июня: ТОП-3 горячих новинок украинского проката

While the cinema “blow up” “Jurassic World”, the release on the back of the rental the prequel Star wars of Han Solo in a rental ready to go from 3 “hot” movie that can push a film about a Park with living dinosaurs.

“The incredibles 2” (animated, family)

The sequel of the famous cartoon family of superheroes had to wait 14 years. There were fears that the picture is “fail”, but critics only give positive reviews. On the famous website Rotten Tomatoes gave the picture a 97% “fresh” that makes immediately to delay the case and run to the cinema for a ticket. According to reviews, the cartoon was very good, but some critics warn that it is too “childish”.

Synopsis: After the events of the first part of the incredibles received heightened attention from journalists. Suddenly, the charming Mrs. Exceptional-much better on the TV than her husband. Mr Exclusive are increasingly required to stay at home and look after the children, each of which has its own reasons to be dissatisfied with their own superpowers. However, family problems will recede into the background, when it appears that the serenity the Incredibles face a new powerful enemy.

“Heredity” (horror, Thriller)

Unassuming horror “cheers” will go under the popcorn and coke. The plot is quite trivial: house, ghosts, and action takes place to the accompaniment of a family drama. Also, the creators promised the audience a real detective and a few interesting plot twists. Reviews from critics mixed, mostly positive (8 out of 10 on iMDB), but to the level of “It” and “Off” this picture clearly does not hold.

Synopsis: the Graham Family recently lost their head – great grandmother Ellen. After her death, the quiet house is filled with many strange, mysterious and incredible secrets about the origin of the family. The more they open, the faster they need to escape from the fate that awaits them hereditary. Soon the writer Annie will make its debut to readers. She is ready to reveal to the world a horrible vision of this nightmare. To find the root cause of these horrors, we need to dig far back in time. All goes back to childhood nightmares. While in danger are all members of the family, only young writer has the power to prevent the worst.

“Inveterate swindlers” (Comedy)

The painting “The Con Is On”, which our localizers called “Inveterate swindlers” gathered under the wing of Hollywood stars with a remarkable artistic gift: this gorgeous Tim Roth (“lie to me”, “reservoir dogs”) and Uma Thurman (“Kill bill” “Batman and Robin”), and Stephen fry. However, the film received scathing reviews: only 3.5 points out of 10 on iMDB.On Rotten Tomatoes has no rating for this picture. It seems that the actors of this level can’t spoil the film, but it may be Director: James Oakley took only one film – “the Devil you know” with very low ratings. In any case, it is advisable to go to a movie and make your own verdict.

Synopsis: British couple Harriet and Peter Fox, fleeing from persecution by gangsters, which they lost at cards large sum, is sent to Los Angeles. Realizing that the gangster that they owe, will not leave them alone, the couple devise a plan to steal jewelry in which to participate ex-wife Peter and her new husband.

In addition to “hot” Premier, we recommend you to visit the Swiss film Week, which starts on July 14. The event will take place in “Kyiv”cinema.

Opens “a Week of Swiss film” rowdy Comedy “the streaker”. The film’s protagonist – a physical education teacher who plans to get rid of financial problems, having been engaged in the practice of streaking, people making illegal bets. At the Comedy festival in Los Angeles this tape received the award for best foreign-language film and Director.

The spectators will also see the feminist drama “Divine order” directed by Petri Volpe. As you know, until 1971, Switzerland was the last Western country where women had no voting rights – the film tells about the struggles of ordinary women against discrimination. The motion picture “Divine order” received four prizes of the festival, Tribeca and three national prize of the Swiss Film Prize.

The Italian-Swiss drama “7 days” Ricardo Colla devoted couple who met while cooking for a friends wedding. The shooting took place in Sicily, where the main events.

The film “Diary of my mind” – a psychological drama about Teens that murder their parents, write down your plan in a diary and passes it to the teacher of literature. Starring French film star, winner of “Cesar” Fanny Ardant.

Romance “Louise’s” co-production of Switzerland and Belgium will tell about the singer, who reinvents her life after a meeting with his father, with whom she had not seen for many years.

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