More than $ 5 million: Lucky managed in one day three times to win the lottery

Более 5 миллионов долларов: Счастливчик сумел за один день трижды выиграть в лотерею

American living in new Jersey, one day was able to win the lottery 5 million, 100 and 500 dollars. He bought at the point of a few tickets, and then found that all the combinations are winning.

This writes the Mirror.

To check the result, the man approached the cashier, who immediately called his supervisor. He left the office and greeted the millionaire. Then the American decided to play again and bought two tickets. As a result, he got 100 and $ 500.

According to the winner, the lottery tickets he used to buy for fun. By the way, the win not his first. Previously the player was able to win a jackpot equal to 2.5 thousand dollars.

First, the resident of the United States erases only the winning numbers, and then their own, to learn if there are the same number. The prize amount on the ticket it does not check until you are finally confident in their own victory.

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