More than 170 residents of the capital came in asked for medical assistance for the last day

 Более 170 жителей столицы попали в обратились за врачебной помощью за последние сутки

More than 170 people turned for medical assistance in Chisinau for the last day. The number of patients – about 50 more than in usual days. Most were hurt in fights.

“During the day we had 174 treatment. The vast majority received minor injuries in fights. There were also a few accidents. This year, fortunately, no injuries obtained from the use of firecrackers and fireworks,” – said the doctor of the Institute of ambulance Vasily Saugor.

Eight people – five men and three women were in new year’s eve in the hospital with strokes. According to doctors, this is much more than the average – one or two cases a day. Some patients needed urgent surgery.