More than 1,200 families bought their own homes under the program, the Prima Casă

 Более 1200 семей приобрели собственное жилье в рамках программы Prima Casă

More than 1,200 families noted are still a housewarming party within the framework of the Prima Casă program, which launched 10 months ago. Bought a house and the couple Gergela. She chose an apartment in the capital of the Old Mail.

Vyacheslav and Maria brought up four year old daughter. The last six years, they were forced to rent housing.

“The biggest inconvenience was that the landlord could come unexpectedly and check personal belongings”, – said the participant of the program, the Prima Casă Vyacheslav Gergela.

Vyacheslav is in the General Inspectorate of police. He admits that even thinking to quit the service and go abroad to earn money for an apartment.

“I was thinking to go abroad, but after consulting with his family and friends decided that it is possible to create a future here in Moldova.”

The apartment cost spouses Georgelas 37 thousand euros. They made an initial payment of 10%. And the remaining funds have a loan for 25 years. Every month they contribute to 4600 lei.

“We wanted to have at least some furniture, some minimum conditions. Not needed capital investment”, – said Vyacheslav Gergela.

Later, the spouses can renegotiate the terms of the contract because he is a civil servant, besides, they have a child. So they can participate in the second and third phases of the program.

“We urge other families to purchase their homes and stay in the country. It is better to live at home, at home. Besides, it is better to pay for their housing than to rent,” said a participant of the program, the Prima Casă Maria Suvac.

The government program, the Prima Casă launched in March last year at the initiative of the Prime Minister Pavel Filip. May participate in citizens up to 45 years, formally employed and do not have other mortgages.

In the second and third stages of the programme, the public sector and to families with children are granted compensation. The total amount issued so far loans have exceeded half a billion lei.