MONATIK danced with Nina Matvienko

MONATIK danced with Nina Matvienko
MONATIK danced with Nina Matvienko

Ukrainian multi-player admits that it is a pleasure for him to perform together with Nina Mitrofanovna, and to become such a legend as she, he still needs to work and work:

“I am learning from Nina Mitrofanovna, I’m inspired by her, and it’s a great honor for me to go out with her on stage, and every time I feel it.” On Independence Day, we’ll present our common song “All Day” to the audience – I confess I can not sing it. Thanks to the channel “Ukraine”, which again give the opportunity to perform this song, “- said MONATIK behind the scenes of the festive show” Happy People’s Day, Ukraine! “.

About 50 people of different ages took part in the production of MONATIK and Nina Matvienko. It is interesting that during the recording of the number the sky over the Botanical Garden was tightly covered with clouds, but the rain itself began just two minutes after the team finished shooting.

“Well, that it started to rain, it’s fine, it’s for good changes.” They will come very soon, and we’ll just sing about this day, which everyone is waiting for, “the artist shared.

TV viewers of the channel “Ukraine” will see the TV version of the show on August 24 at 21:00 in the framework of the festive broadcast for the Independence Day of Ukraine.

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