Mom I missed the plane (TF1) : Macaulay Culkin, its impressive metamorphosis (PHOTOS)

Maman j'ai raté l'avion (TF1) : Macaulay Culkin, son impressionnante métamorphose (PHOTOS)

Macaulay Culkin is going to (again) miss his flight this afternoon on TF1 ! Back in pictures at the career of rich and dispersed the actor star of the film Mama I missed the plane.

Who can forget Macaulay Culkin ? The actor that the general public has discovered in 1990, Mom, I missed the plane, has since changed. Cinema, song but also addictions and convictions… The actor has already known a thousand lives. Today, he shares his life between Paris and the United States and currently shooting a new movie under the direction of Seth Green (seen in the series Buffy against the vampires). Back images (and video) on the career (already) rich Maucaulay !

It was in 1988, at the age of 8, he began his hollywood career in the feature film from Daniel Petrie, The rock of Gibraltar. Two years later, he became a superstar international thanks to a nostalgic film for many of the children who grew up in the 90s : Mom I missed the plane and its sequel, Mother I still missed the plane in 1992. He then goes to film production in Hollywood and became, at the time, the youngest actor the highest paid in the world.

The 2000s will be more complicated for him. A career at the point of death, an addiction to the drug that takes over… It is his passion for the music that will in the right way. Because, yes, Macaulay also knows how to sing ! If he assumes today his personality completely crossed out, it looks to rebuild a name.