Mogilev has dedicated a new song to the deceased Kuzma (VIDEO)

Могилевская посвятила новую песню погибшему Кузьме (ВИДЕО)

Natalia Mogilevskaya has announced the long-awaited premiere of a new song. A song titled “Personal Jesus” singer has dedicated to his fallen friend and colleague, Kuzma. The song once again reminds everyone about the great man in a new light and reveals the very Natalia, so her fans have not seen.

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In his well-known performer, it was reported, in which she shares her impressions from working on a new song. Training “Personal Jesus” was difficult, primarily because Natalia has dedicated it to his fallen friend Kuzma.

Your feelings and complex emotions the artist gave consummate acting. The clip and the song itself is radically different from the old repertoire of the singer. Mogilev decided to focus not on the bright picture and words songs, music, and… eyes. The entire clip consists of frames taken close-up in which Natalia conveys the full range of their emotions.

In the clip there are no unnecessary details and cause of the outfits would have attracted the attention of the viewer. There are only touching the feelings of the performer and the voice, which, it seems, gets right into the soul.

Fans thank their favorite star for her new song. They say she creeps up on the skin gave the state of his soul, and described the warmth and joy that gave the site to his listeners.

“Very touching!”, “A very sensual and soulful,and importantly for the present!”, “Thanks for the soul, depth and music. A very strong song”, “Goose bumps on goose bumps… Thank you, Natalia. Kuzma in our hearts!!!”, “Such a gentle,soulful,around for (the most hidden strings of the soul), the words” (RUF. and item. the authors saved approx. Ed.) – Express their experience of the followers.

As a reminder, after a long break Natalia Mogilevskaya returned to the stage with renewed vigor. The singer immediately released the singles “I got” and “I danced.” Moreover, the singer for the second time participated in the project “dancing with the stars” and became the winner.

The previously released movie trailer for the book of Kuzma Scriabin

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