Models from New York are suing model agencies because of ill-treatment

Models from New York are suing model agencies because of ill-treatment
Models from New York are suing model agencies because of ill-treatment
According to the New York Post, another scandal may flare up in the fashion world: a group of models from New York filed a lawsuit against some model agencies, including the notorious Elite, Wilhemina, Next and Click, for not just being cruel to them appealed, but also in every way humiliated, and also created unbearable conditions for work.

For example, models were required to weigh weekly, take weight loss courses (including surgical intervention), take photos in swimsuits in order to track weight, and some models were forced to go to a dermatologist, work more and give up some things.

Vanessa Perron, Marcel Almonte, Karina Vrtman and others stated that employers regularly interfered in their personal lives and, one might say, controlled each step. Melissa Baker and did recommend throwing a guy who served in Afghanistan, and instead of him to find a celebrity or professional athlete.

It is also reported that the girls had to inform the agency of their whereabouts, even if they went to dinner with friends, went to see a doctor or flew on vacation. In addition, they were obliged to attend various social events attended by famous people, such as Donald Trump, in order to develop their careers.

At the same time, the housing conditions of the models were monstrous. So, they had to live in a two-room apartment for 10-12 people and sleep four together on a four-tier bed.

The lawsuit filed by the models surprised the representatives of the modeling agencies. Director Wilhelmina Bill Wakkerman did not understand the claims of his charges.

And what about the fact that she was told to cut her hair? I was very surprised by these accusations,

– he declared.

This is not the first scandal in the fashion industry. In the winter, the public was shocked by the frank recognition of model agent Carolyn Kramer, who spoke about harassment and pedophilia in the fashion world. According to her, in the 80 years of the last century, many young models had to face the harassment of photographers and other representatives of the fashion industry.

Often, because of the cruel demands of model agencies, the models were diagnosed with anorexia, some of which almost led to a fatal outcome. In France, several years ago, they wanted to prohibit the recruitment of models weighing less than 55 kilograms.

The hard working conditions in the modeling business were also told by young Russian models working abroad.

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