“Miss universe 2018”: the contestant was in the center of the scandal

"Мисс Вселенная 2018": участница конкурса оказалась в центре скандала

American model Sarah rose summers, who represents the United States at the beauty contest “Miss universe 2018” appeared in the center of the scandal.

She got into a bad situation on the eve of the event, which will be held in Bangkok on 17 December, writes Today.

Sarah summers is accused of baiting participants from Asia. In the Internet appeared the video, which you can hear how an American makes a mockery of contestants from Asia. The reason for politically incorrect remarks was that the beauties do not speak English.

“What do you think about “Miss Vietnam?” She pretends to be so well know English, and when you ask her questions after the conversation, she just smiles and nods. “Miss Cambodia” also does not speak English. Nobody speaks their language,” – said with a smile model.

This phrase has already condemned the network users. Sarah rose summers was accused of misconduct, and stated that her English is native, while others persistently study it.