Miss Ukraine-Universe-2018: what is known about the winner

Miss Ukraine-Universe-2018: what is known about the winner
Miss Ukraine-Universe-2018: what is known about the winner
Yesterday, on August 14, the Miss Ukraine-Universe-2018 contest was held at the Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv in Kiev. The winner was 23-year-old Karina Zhosan from Odessa.

Karina will represent Ukraine at the Miss Universe-2018 contest, which will be held in four months in Thailand.
Each contest finalist was asked several questions by the organizers. A mini-interview with the future winner appeared on the official page of the contest in Instagram.

What book made the biggest impact on the formation of your personality?

Since I learned to read to this day, I was lucky enough to read a lot of books of different genres and authors, for some miraculous accident, those books that reflected my life at the time of their reading fell into my hands. I can not single out any one, each of the books I read taught me something, made me think about something. Just say that the last I read the book – is the work of Robin Sharma “Monk who forgave his Ferrari”! I recommend to everyone!

What volunteer projects have you been engaged in and what would you like to implement?

-This is a very fresh question for me) It was this year, just a couple of months ago, I participated in a major charity event to raise funds to help orphans of Kenya. This is only the beginning! I would very much like to have the opportunity to realize this in my native country, since such a problem, to our great regret, is also not alien to us.

Describe yourself in three words.

-Cleaning! Responsive! Responsible! And as they say in Odessa: “And this is only once!”

If not beauty will save the world, then what?

I have a permanent attitude to this definition. I believe that the world will save the mind and sense of proportion, but if the mind is good, the chances of survival will only increase.

– Tell us about the love in your life?

Since my birth, I have been in an atmosphere of absolute love. Love in the family, love in the upbringing and formation of me as a person. Love is the main driving force of man and everything in my life for what I would not undertake and whatever would be engaged in provoked by the great power of love.

– If your name sounds in the final of the contest “Miss Ukraine Universe 2018” and you are the winner of the contest, what will be your first thought?

– Surely, at such a moment emotions will outstrip thoughts, but absolutely surely it will be a joy! All the contestants came here with faith in their strength and hope for victory. But if you leave emotions, then victory, this is an incredible chance to expand your opportunities for realization of what was conceived within the charity fund and not only!

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