Millionaire from Oman during the divorce process tried to pretend to be poor

Миллионер из Омана во время бракоразводного процесса пытался выдать себя бедным

Millionaire from Oman tried to convince the British judge that he had no money to his ex-wife, but accidentally gave myself.

This publication reports the Metro.

Earlier, the court ordered the Omani businessman to pay 200 thousand pounds ex-wife and children after a divorce left in London. Although his fortune is estimated at 34 million pounds, he said that can not meet this requirement due to lack of money.

The millionaire explained that his family business was associated with the British construction giant Carillion, liquidation of which began in January. As a result, his assets were illiquid, and he just can’t get the necessary amount.

The judge hearing the case, noted that this did not prevent the defendant to hire a prestigious law firm. For lawyers, proving a lack of money was spent not less than 95 thousand pounds (8.4 million rubles).

In the end, the Omani businessman ordered to pay ex-wife’s lawyers as much as it pays its. According to the judge, such a step is dictated by the facts and circumstances of the case.

Also, recall that on August 28 in the river the staff of the internal security police detained the militiaman, who demanded from the businessman of 100 thousand hryvnias.

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