Militants staged Inferno: position OOS is fired in all directions

Боевики устроили пекло: позиции ООС обстреливают по всем направлениям

Against the forces of environmental militants used a forbidden mortars, and heavy weapons

During the day occupation troops in the Donbass violated the ceasefire.

This was reported in the headquarters Operations of joint forces.

According to the military, there was one case of a use of weapons prohibited by the accords.

“In particular, the enemy made fire from 82-mm mortars positions of the joint forces near the settlement of Gnutovo on the Mariupol direction”, — reported in the headquarters of the OOS.

Soldiers told that the strongholds of troops OOS were fired from grenade launchers of various systems, heavy machine guns and small arms near the settlement Krasnogorovka in the Donetsk direction as well as in the area of the settlement Lebedinsky — Mariupol direction.

“The units defending in response to hostile attacks used on duty firepower”, — said at the headquarters of the OOS.

The military noted that during the day one soldier from the joint forces were injured.

“The situation in the area of the EP remains under control of Ukrainian military”, — noted in a staff environment.