Mihail Stratulat intends again to collect signatures for participation in elections

 Михаил Стратулат намерен снова собрать подписи для участия в выборах

Doctor Michael Stratulat again intends to collect signatures to participate in elections. He was the nominee of the democratic party and intends to run for the 26th district. The day before he was denied registration because of inaccuracies in the lists.

“This is another test of what my life had a lot. I never sdavalsa does not intend to retreat now. I will continue to fight”.The application of Michael Stratulat, the Commission should consider today. “We have to make a decision on registration of the initiative group. Then the candidate will be entitled to require petitions, to begin re-collecting signatures.” The deadline for registration of initiative groups this evening. Candidates-men should gather at least 500 signatures, 250.