Microsoft developing new browser because of the failure of Edge

В Microsoft разрабатывают новый браузер из-за провала Edge

Microsoft is developing its own Chromium-based browser to replace the standard Edge Windows 10 operating system.

This writes the New time with reference to The Verge.

A new browser for Windows 10 codenamed Anaheim and proprietary engine EdgeHTML replaced by Chromium. According to journalists The Verge, “Microsoft is growing constantly frustrated at the compatibility issues between websites and browsers Edge”. It is also noted that the company’s engineers are working with Google to support Chrome versions in Windows operating system with support for ARM.

The use of Chromium means that the sites will look and work in the new browser Microsoft is exactly the same as they work in Google Chrome. It is expected that Microsoft could keep the brand Edge and the usual design of the program, which will be updated imperceptibly for ordinary users.

Interestingly, a year ago, in December 2017, Microsoft has removed the Google Chrome Installer App from the Windows Store, saying that it violates store policy. One of the Chrome developers told me that their browser was removed for the use of technologies, which are at the Edge from Microsoft.

We will add that Edge was created as a replacement for other standard browser in Windows Internet Explorer, which has a bad reputation among users. Incidentally, he is still there in Windows 10, just not used as standard. It can be found through the search in the system.

Chrome now the most popular browser on all devices, thanks to the popularity and growth of Android Chrome on PC and Mac. Share Edge in November 2018 among the web browsers for personal computers made up only 4.2%.

Also, earlier it was reported that Microsoft created a special version of Windows 10 operating system for the Chinese government.

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