Michèle Bernier (The Intern) : “I would like to do a lot of things like Muriel Robin”

Michèle Bernier (La Stagiaire) : "J’aimerais beaucoup faire des choses comme Muriel Robin"

The Trainee is back on France 3 with a season 4 new this Tuesday 12 February. The interpreter Constance Meyer, apprentice magistrate, not sulks not its pleasure.

Tuesday, 12 February, Michèle Bernier re-enlist, with the enthusiasm that he knows, in the skin of Constance Meyer, the heroine of the series The Trainee, a obstinate to the methods may not be academic. And like her character, she does not have his tongue in his pocket.

Tv Leisure : In this fourth season, Consistency is always in internship…

Michèle Bernier Ah yes, the intern remains a student… I think she likes in this situation. If she became a judge, she would not have as much freedom.

Many players of Plus belle la vie , are involved in these episodes. The producer of the soap opera had said that if she was to do a episode crossover with another series, it would be with The Intern. And you, that you would please ?

Of course ! I’m sick of people saying the evil actors of a More beautiful life. They are all talented. This serial is turning at a breakneck pace, there are a lot of texts to learn quickly.

What other series would imagine you have a crossover ?

With Captain Marleau, it could be a moment of anthology. Constancy in the face to Marleau, one might laugh a little !

A season 5 of The Intern will be touring this summer. You would like it to happen what of Constance ?

I would find it funny to make it work in her home and discovers human bones in the walls, or immersion in an environment which it does not know the codes. In a karaoke club, for example. I have proposed, I hope that I will be heard…

Is it that, like her, you defend the widow and the orphan ?

Totally ! When I’m in the car and I see a young child sitting in the passenger seat, it makes me hysterical ! I say to you, I stop and honks… I’m getting yelled at, but so be it !

You see, especially in comedies. Would you like to role more dramatic, such as Muriel Robin, your ex-sidekick of the Small Theatre of Bouvard, with the tv movie about Jacqueline Wild ?

Yes. I would like to do a lot of things like it. I am wondering for a long time, but it isn’t offered often. The idea may germinate. It would be wonderful.

You still watch a lot of series with French ?

Yes. I loved The Desktop captions, and I’m the stopper on the Gears. Play in one of these series, it would be a dream!!!