Men In Black International : check out the new hunters of aliens in the trailer (VIDEO)

Men In Black International : découvrez les nouveaux chasseurs d'aliens dans la bande-annonce (VIDÉO)

The first trailer of Men in Black : International, new part of the saga, has just been unveiled. With two new additions that promise : H (Chris Hemworth) and M (Tessa Thompson) !

That the aliens of the universe have to say : they do not have too much interest to the bad guys, or development of the machiavellian plans of an invasion of Earth. Because the MIB are back ! Who ? And well the Men In Black of course, the hunters of extra-terrestrial, the protectors of our beautiful planet, our first and only line of defense. The fourth film in the saga, Men In Black : the International promises of new adventures intergalactic delusional. And especially a whole new team, unveiled in the first trailer for the film.

After J (Will Smith) and K (Tommy Lee Jones), therefore to H and M, respectively played by Chris Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson. New characters and duo mixed, but the same fight for what is in fact a spin-off film (derived) more than a direct sequel of Men In Black 3, released in 2012. Is the fight against the worst trash of the universe. It is therefore left to a cascade of creatures, improbable, weapons gleaming, and gags of all kinds. Directed by F. Gary Gray (the Fast & the Furious 8), Men In Black: International will be released in French cinemas on June 12, 2019.