Member of the movement Me Too Asia Argento accused of harassment

Member of the movement Me Too Asia Argento accused of harassment
Member of the movement Me Too Asia Argento accused of harassment

42-year-old Asia Argento was one of the first actresses who publicly opposed the infamous Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. The actress described how more than 20 years ago, when she was just starting her career, he molested it. Now it became known that she herself was in the center of another scandal, connected with the harassment.
The American edition of The New York Times published an article that tells the story of actor Jimmy Bennett. In 2004, he worked with Argento on the film “Tiptoes”. She acted as a director and also played a major role. This was the story of a woman engaged in prostitution and forcing her son to help her in this business.

The very situation with the harassment of women occurred later in 2013, when the actor was 17 years old, that is, before his coming of age. The actress met with him at the hotel, from where she published several selfies with a teenager, and then they performed sexual intercourse. According to Jimmy, her actions caused a great psychological trauma. Therefore, he demanded monetary compensation for moral and physical damage.

Happy day of my reunion with Jimmy Bennett,
– One of her publications signed an actress.

At a time when the story of Harvey Weinstein was made public and received a wide response in society, Bennet and his parents demanded Argento to pay him 380 thousand dollars for silence. At the disposal of the newspaper were documents confirming a successfully completed transaction, certified by both sides of the conflict.

The actress herself does not comment on this situation, however, Bennet himself is not going to give interviews on this topic.
Jimmy will continue to do what he has been doing for the past few years, he will concentrate his attention on his music studies,

Said the lawyer of the victim.

Recall that in May this year at the Cannes Festival Asia Argento made an accusatory speech, calling this event a “hunting ground” for Harvey Weinstein, and also confirmed that in 1997 he invited her to a hotel and forced her to oral sex when they both were on the Cote d’Azur. At the moment, the total number of women who accused the producer of harassment, reached a mark of 70 people.

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