Melt water can be medicine media

Талая вода может быть лекарством - СМИ

Porfiry korneyevich Ivanov, the Creator of this system of natural healing of the body, argued that the snow – with a climate gift in Nature. It is also believed useful for melt-water.

It is reported

Our ancestors drank, she washed and it was treated. Preparing it is extremely simple and cost-free. It was necessary to collect fresh, clean snow and wait for it to melt itself at room temperature. When snow melts, the water changes its structure and its biological indicators approach the structure of the cytoplasm and nucleus of cells in our body. Its properties melt water retains 7-8 hours. It has a rejuvenating effect on the body, slows the aging process. Properly cooked melt water in the old days used to cure diseases of the blood, heart, liver, kidneys and other organs. This water reduces the level of cholesterol, improves the metabolism in the body, cleanses the lymph, improves blood circulation in thrombosis of the lower limbs, helps with hypertension and asthma. All use is not even considered.

However, for the inhabitants of modern cities to receive such natural melt water is almost impossible. The snow that falls in the city, for such purposes, because of their contamination is clearly unsuitable. But… in addition to snow melt water, you can cook “frozen” melted water from pure water or spring water, freezing it on the balcony or in the freezer.

And melted snow water to use for rinsing of hair, which will give them fluffiness, softness and Shine.

For irrigation meltwater perfectly react houseplants. It is possible to soak seeds for sprouting, with accelerated ripening and increased yield.
In cloth made of natural fabric, you have to put a handful of clean snow. Followed by alternately applying a napkin with snow, strongly pressing, to the face, neck, chin, eyelids, until the skin will not freeze. Overall, such effects the skin should be no more than 5-8 minutes and then allow it to dry. If the skin is dry, after the procedure you can use any nourishing cream. After these procedures, the skin is radiant, firmer, small wrinkles smooth out. Be careful – if you have a tendency to sinusitis, colds, consult with a doctor and introduce such procedures in their care, gradually.
Falling snow fills the air with negative ions. They are rich and fresh snow. And the ice on the pond cleans the air. In such places it is easy to breathe, oxygen is absorbed by the body efficiently. Therefore we suggest to leave the premises with air saturated positively charged ions from working televisions, computers and other gadgets and take a walk in the Park, along the pond or in the yard. You will definitely break up the boredom, feel energized.

In addition, fresh snow absorbs sounds. You will enjoy the peace and put in order the nervous system. A beautiful dream you will be provided.
In the winter time to lower the temperature and ventilate the room easily: just open the window. Folk healers recommend to sleep without clothes directly into a wool blanket and cover this also with a blanket, not using bed sheets and duvet covers. The duration of your sleep in a cool room may be less than normal, as the body rests and recovers faster. This dream is the most deep and complete.