MELOVIN revealed details about his new song

MELOVIN revealed details about his new song
MELOVIN revealed details about his new song
A new composition MELOVIN August 24 will sound on the air of the “Music platform of Ukraine”, the shooting of which recently took place in Lviv within the national project “Ukrainian Song / Ukrainian Song Project.”

According to the artist, the new song That’s your role tells about people who follow their desires. “That’s your role is a challenge to those who dictate to their surroundings about their own conditions and rules, this is a song about people who are striving to achieve their goals, to do what they want, and not as someone dictates,” the singer noted.

MELOVIN added that the song was written recently and Lviv is the second city where he sings it. “I decided to present a song in Odessa, because it’s my hometown, but I wanted people to hear it again, because I do not have it in good quality on the Internet, I sang it in Lviv, it’s my second home,” he said. backstage “Musical platform.”

At the same time, the artist stressed that the work on the composition was difficult: “In fact, there was some adventure with the lyrics of the song, it was very difficult to write, like music, although it was done quickly.” The singer also added that he is now working on a video for a new song.

You can hear the new MELOVIN song on the air on August 24 at 23:30 on the air of the TV channel “Ukraine”.
Recall, August 24 at 23:30 on the air of the channel will be a large-scale concert “Music Platform”, which was held yesterday in Lviv. The organizers have prepared a very powerful online-up. So, from the stage the festive mood will be charged by the leading channel “Ukraine” Svetlana Katrenko, Maria Orlova and the music producer of the channel Gennady Viter, as well as the popular artists: Alexander Ponomarev, Vopli Vidoplyasova, Alyosha, MELOVIN, TAYANNA, Zlata Ognevich, Sonya Kay, Artem Pivovarov, PianoBoy, O.Torvald, DILEMMA, KADNAY, Ivan NAVI and others.

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