Medvedchuk: In a situation a record of non-payment normal government would cancel the increase in tariffs from 1 January 2019

Медведчук: В ситуации рекордных неплатежей нормальное правительство отменило бы повышении тарифов с 1 января 2019 года

Why another tariff increase, the Ukrainians responded with a record-payment, as will further develop the situation and what needs to be done to the government now, in his blog wrote a representative of the “Opposition platform For life” Viktor Medvedchuk.

Citing data from the state statistics service, the politician said that in November 2018 Ukrainians was assessed for payment for utility services 14.2 billion UAH, and they paid only UAH 6.6 billion, i.e. 46.6 per cent.

“In October, the total amount accrued for payment for utility services has increased by half, that is, the government essentially robbed (I can’t tell) those who are deprived of subsidies on the eve of the heating season. In November, an increase in accrued has become just a landmark in nature ― it was 115%! This is despite the fact that housing heated less than half of the month, some houses in Ukraine does not heat (remember the Bold and other freezing Ukrainian city), and new heat tariffs introduced as from 1 January 2019,” — said Medvedchuk.

Thus in just one month the total debt of the population for housing and communal services increased by almost 7.8 billion UAH on 1 December 2018 it was a record 47.7 billion UAH, stressed.

“More than half of the population does not pay utility bills. And the number of defaulters will obviously grow. Ukrainians, seeing accounts for the “communal” sky-high tariffs that have nothing to do with common sense, simply ignore the bills,” — said the representative of “the Opposition platform — For life.”

The circumstances, I am sure the opposition politician, require urgent action.

“What could do in such a situation, a normal government? Of course, to cancel the decision about increase of tariffs for gas for the population is 23.5% and the growth in utility tariffs from January 1, 2019. It is clear that the situation must be saved, otherwise people in General will cease to pay. But so would (and will!) a normal government, not this…” — summed up Viktor Medvedchuk.