Media called the name of the probable mother daughter Kirkorov (PHOTO)

СМИ назвали имя вероятной матери дочки Киркорова (ФОТО)

In the network appeared the information about a surrogate mother, daughter of Philip Kirkorov.

It is reported vistanews.

Birthday of Alla-Victoria was struck by Kirkorovi fans of Philip Bedrosovich scale and beauty, but to complete the picture of family happiness is still not enough of a puzzle – mom around. Such holidays are an occasion for the press “posedovati” king of the shocking question: who gestated and gave birth to your daughter? People’s artist promised to carry out an intriguing mystery with him to the grave, so the social networks and the media remains only to carry out their own investigation, looking for the parent on similarity of appearance with the baby.

Similarly, the schemers found a surrogate mother Martin-Christine, in addition to stating that Alla Victoria Kirkorov gave birth to the ex-soloist of “Tatu”. 34-year-old Lena Katina has a striking resemblance to the oldest child of the king of pop and “weird”, like modern Russia, decisions on the extension of the family.

Living in the US, the pregnant singer is back in 2015 for the homeland, her son Sasha was born in beloved mother Moscow. Why it is surprising? Yes, because the stars have taught the common people: better to give birth abroad.

СМИ назвали имя вероятной матери дочки Киркорова (ФОТО)

It is assumed, in surrogate motherhood Katina Kirkorov one of the main roles was played by Sergey Lazarev. A close friend of Philip Bedrosovich from childhood familiar with Lena. It’s experience relates to her career, not so long ago, ex-“tattoo” mired in oblivion. Old companion allegedly drove with Katina to the king of pop for multimillion deals. Amazing coincidence, but after 2011 career ladder Lena gradually went up the hill.

СМИ назвали имя вероятной матери дочки Киркорова (ФОТО)

In the Network there is a perception that many domestic celebrities who have resorted to surrogacy, it does not worry about the disclosure of his secret, as her keepers live far from the ocean. The book is also very concerned about the interest of the people, and his behavior always gets too nervous when it comes to substitute. It might have to do with living biological mothers of Alla-Victoria and Martin-Cristina in close proximity to the children and their father.

Previously a fan of Kirkorov said about pregnancy from the king of pop.

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