Media: activities of Huawei in the world stable, despite difficulties in some markets

 СМИ: деятельность Huawei в мире стабильна, несмотря на трудности на некоторых рынках

According to the founder of telecommunication portal CCTime network of Xiang Ligang, the company’s products is consistent with the preferences of its customers in many countries

The Corporation Huawei in foreign markets remains stable, despite the difficulties in the implementation of business due to accusations by some Western countries that the company’s products are supposedly represents a threat to national security. This is with reference to the representative of the company said on Thursday, the newspaper China Daily.

“Even despite the accusations of insecurity of Huawei products in the markets of several developed countries, the activities of the Corporation remained stable. For example, on the German market, where the business is going well, and 5G technologies in a joint project with the French Telecom operator”, – the edition refers to a statement of the Corporation,reports TASS.

According to the founder of a telecommunications network portal Stresen of Ligang, the company’s products is consistent with the preferences of its customers in many countries around the world. “This helps to keep prices at a reasonable level, so that they [Huawei] had the ability to deploy 5G projects around the world,” he stressed.

According to corporate statistics, Huawei has 25 major project contracts 5G worldwide, more than 10 thousand stations to transmit data at very high speed, over 50 foreign partners.

This summer, the U.S. decided to impose a ban on the purchase and use of U.S. government agencies Telecom equipment companies ZTE and Huawei. The US authorities have repeatedly claimed that these firms are working closely with the special services of the PRC. As suggested in the United States, devices of these companies may establish a program by which users are surveillance can be conducted theft, substitution, etc Huawei has repeatedly denied the accusations.

On Wednesday, major Japanese telecommunication company SoftBank decided to abandon the use of Chinese products with the upcoming implementation of systems of mobile communication of the fifth generation.

December 1, in Canada, was detained Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou. It was made by a request for extradition of the Prosecutor’s office of the Eastern district of new York in connection with charges of violating us trade sanctions against Iran. The Supreme court of British Columbia on December 11 decided to let the CFO of Huawei on bail until her extradition to the US. 46-year-old man Wanzhou pleaded not guilty.