Mating chorus of crickets caused panic among US intelligence

Брачный хор сверчков вызвал панику у спецслужб США

Two years ago in diplomatic circles there was a precedent: the American officers in Cuba, in their opinion, were the victims of mysterious sounds. After prolonged exposure of over 20 people experience dizziness, headaches and ear pain, nausea, and even partial hearing loss.

This is reported by 1tv.

Media in the US called the effects of “acoustic attack”, and some officials laid in Cuba responsible for the incident.

In early 2019 on the website published a Preprint of the research on this delicate subject. Scientist at the University of California at Berkeley and a biologist from the University in the British city of Lincoln conducted a comparative analysis between the sounds of the local insects and the signals designated as “acoustic attack”, published by the Associated Press (the state Department still has not confirmed the authenticity of the recording).

In the result, it was found that signals “attack” was similar to the song of the cricket Anurogryllus celerinictus living in the Caribbean. His melodies matched in length, frequency of pulsations, its power spectrum, the stability of rhythm and the number of oscillations in one surge “the acoustic concert”. If there were small differences, they are explained by the fact that diplomats have recorded the noises inside the building, and biologists usually collect the sounds of the living world in nature.