Mary Poppins (M6) : why the author of the original novel hated the movie Walt Disney…

Mary Poppins (M6) : pourquoi l'auteure du roman original détestait le film de Walt Disney…

The creator of Mickey was beaten for nearly twenty years with Pamela Lyndon Travers, the author of Mary Poppins , to adapt her novel into a film, the masterpiece for five oscars.

On December 19, 2018 is released in theaters The Return of Mary Poppins, over fifty after Mary Poppins, the cult film directed by Robert Stevenson. He has influenced generations of viewers, this film initial saw a genesis complicated.

Everything is gone of the promise made by Walt Disney to her daughters, in 1940, to wear at the cinema, their favourite book, Mary Poppins, published in 1934. But its author, Pamela Lyndon Travers, the Australian installed in England, refuses to let his heroine beloved be grind by Hollywood. The negotiations will last for sixteen years, between contracts aborted and bows to mollify the inflexible novelist who receives even the visit of the great Walt at his home in london. Nothing can be done. Finally, when her book sales begin to decline, and that the money is running out, she gives in reluctantly the rights of his best-selling book for $ 100,000, provided you keep the artistic control over his work. The genius of the movie promises just what she wants… and does that to his head. When Pamela L. Travers) arrives in 1961 at Disney studios in California, she hates the animated sequences, as are the songs sweet Brothers Sherman and finds Julie Andrews too young for the role. She is indignant, especially as the scenario has erased all the roughness and darkness of his work.

Released in 2014, the film In the shadow of Mary reveals how fictionalized the origin of the reticence of the author, interpreted by the caustic Emma Thompson, in the face of Tom Hanks, Walt Disney true-to-life. Helen Goff (his real name) has never recovered from the death of his father. She was then seven years old : “It was an alcoholic, charismatic, and she loved it, we gave Emma Thompson the release of the film. Between the time he started drinking and when he died, they had a magical relationship. It was his prince. ” In Mary Poppins, he takes the features of Mr. Banks, the banker who loses his job. At his death, his wife, depressed, tried to drown and was interned : the future novelist had to care for his two little sisters.

And then, one day, a woman appeared on the porch with an umbrella and a bag in tapestry and said : “We will bring order in all this.” These same words are spoken by Mary Poppins when she arrives at the Banks. That woman was the maternal aunt of Pamela, who raised the three girls : the real Mary Poppins, this is it!! At the end of In the shadow of Mary, the character of Pamela Lyndon Travers weeps with emotion at the premiere of the movie which won 5 oscars in 1965. What the fiction does not say, is that Walt Disney never saw fit to not even invite the novelist, who had to impose his presence at the screening. If she cried, it is rage, screaming of betrayal and demanding cuts that have remained a dead letter. In his will, she forbade Disney to adapt her other works.