Macron needs to resign to stop new French revolution – expert

Макрон должен уйти в отставку ради прекращения новой французской революции – эксперт

The President of France Emmanuel macron needs to resign to restore peace and stability throughout the territory from Dunkirk to Toulon.

A personal opinion expressed European Explorer Marie Pudemo in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to experts, currently in France “is brewing a new revolution”, the extent of which can not be compared with the events of the sixties of the last century. “In the sixties, tens of thousands of French fought against the economic policy of the ruling power, now against the current government left millions of people – said, in particular, it. The only way out of this situation is the resignation of the Macron, as a person who has not justified trust of the people.” On the question of whether law enforcement officials to control the situation, not only locally, but also Paris, M. Pudemo answered laconically: “No!”.

We will remind, mass protest actions against increase of tariffs for fuel, including gasoline and diesel materials, continued in France for three weeks. As a result of street clashes in Paris five people were killed and more than 700 injured, not less than two thousand were arrested. According to international analysts, the increase in fuel prices will lead to the ultimate impoverishment of the so-called “middle class” of the French.

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