Macedonia and NATO began official negotiations on the country’s accession to NATO news ZIK.UA

Македонія та НАТО розпочали офіційні переговори про приєднання країни до альянсу – новини ZIK.UA

Official Macedonian delegation in Brussels started negotiations on accession to the North Atlantic Alliance.

It is reported portal MIA, writes UKRINFORM.

“Macedonia has begun official negotiations on accession to NATO in the headquarters of the bloc in Brussels, where the members of the Committee for the integration of NATO and the working Committee of Macedonia’s integration in NATO gathered for two days of consultations”, – stated in the message.

NATO has invited Macedonia to join the Alliance in July at the Brussels summit. However, accession of Macedonia based on the implementation of the agreement on the name with Greece.

Macedonia since the beginning of today’s talks in Brussels actually opens the final stage of its relations with NATO, before becoming a member of the Alliance.

The Chairman of the Working Committee of Macedonia’s accession to NATO Stevo Pendarovski noted that the process should be completed by the end of 2018, having in mind that Macedonia will sign in January next year, the Protocol on the accession to the Alliance that will give her the right to participate in all NATO bodies without the right to vote and full membership should start after all member States ratify the Protocol on the accession of Macedonia in their parliaments.

In the case of Macedonia Greece, expected to be the first member state that will ratify the Protocol as soon as Macedonia will fulfill its obligations arising from the agreement on the name.

Recall, Russia’s permanent representative to the EU Vladimir Chizhov suggested Macedonia to join the Eurasian Union as an alternative to joining the EU and NATO.

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