Lukashenko is preparing a “Newbie”? Piontkovsky disclosed Putin’s plan for Belarus

Лукашенко готовят "Новичок"? Пионтковский раскрыл замысел Путина по Беларуси

Russia pushed Belarus, almost forcing President Alexander Lukashenko to go on the surrender.

Before Lukashenko is a difficult choice: either continue to fight or surrender to the Kremlin, said the Russian political analyst Andrei Piontkovsky, reports “espresso.”

“The choice we face Lukashenko – or just to get a decent pension until the end of his life somewhere on the Sochi Villa. Or continue what he was doing for 25 years – the struggle for the independence of Belarus. Yes, you can say that he fought all the time for their power. But it is an effective way resisted”, he said.

The expert added that the idea to unite the two countries began under Boris Yeltsin.

“Lukashenko deceived them, he came to Moscow, signed a new contract, drank a glass of vodka, took out 10-12 billion of subsidies, but did not agree to the position of Secretary of the Minsk regional Committee. And now he was cornered, literally, with a knife at his throat,” explained Piontkovsky.

The expert stressed that if Lukashenko will not give up, it is unable to eliminate it physically.

“If he refuses to go to surrender, “Rookie” is one of his first options. But the Central question will be – how the Belarusian population as a whole will reject this idea…despite the inconsistency of the figures of Lukashenko, he should be commended: he was buying time, preserving the independence of Belarus, and during this time the national consciousness in Belarus has increased”, he concluded.