Lukashenko can lose power because of Putin

Лукашенко может лишиться власти из-за Путина

Experts pointed out the actual scenario

Have long been rumors that Russian President Vladimir Putin is dissatisfied with the Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko independence of Belarus, and now he can play and kill a few birds with one stone: to connect neighbor to Russia, to remove the power of Lukashenko to extend his presidential term in Russia after 2024.

It is worth noting that the economic claims of Moscow, apparently, is not so much concerned about Lukashenka’s possible political consequences of concessions. The Kremlin has in stock the option of “extend” Putin at the presidential post, reports

“All this is due to the year 2024. I personally told Vladimir Ryzhkov (Russian opposition – ed.) that among the scenarios, how does Putin remain in power after 2014, without violating the laws, are actively considered “Belarusian”. Russia and Belarus are United in a single state adopted a new Constitution and, accordingly, Putin again became President. This scenario is similar to that at the time, Milosevic realized”, – said in comments to the website, “Today,” the head of the Board of the Center for applied political studies “Penta” Volodymyr Fesenko.

He suggested that Russia may start to more actively probe the soil in Belarus, possibly before Lukashenko came leaks from the Kremlin the seriousness of intentions to realize that Putin’s re-election. Whatever it was, the President of Belarus is seriously alarmed – this explains his tough rhetoric.

“Russia will control the political situation in Belarus, only if forced Lukashenko to privatize the refinery, some machine-building, chemical plants – what is the basis of the economy. In this case, the question of political integration will be a formality,” explained the website “Today” head of the Center of the Russian Federation National Institute for strategic studies Petr burkovsky.

In turn, the expert of the program “international and domestic politics,” Ukrainian Institute for the future of Igar Tyszkiewicz told us that the risks for the Belarusian President is, even if it is not about the absorption of Belarus by Russia and merging into a single state, but only about the deepening of relations within the Union of Russia and Belarus.

“Lukashenko understands that Moscow today for today is not sufficiently structured political forces in Belarus to carry out the transit of power from it to the person who would suit the Kremlin. But he also understands that if he gives the economy under the influence of Russia, the question of the transit authority to another person is a question of time,” he said.

According to him, it is not excluded that next year, wanting to reduce Moscow’s ability to influence the formation of the government in Belarus, Lukashenka will initiate the holding of early – either presidential or parliamentary elections.