Lower gas prices for Ukrainians is quite realistic – the expert

Снизить тарифы на газ для украинцев вполне реально - эксперт

Lower gas tariffs for the population mathematically and economically feasible.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said the independent expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky.

To fulfill the promises of the presidential candidates to lower gas tariffs for the population mathematically real, said V. Zemlyansky.

“Mathematically or economically, it is a real economy in this. The issue here is purely political,” – said the expert.

V. Zemlyansky added that problems can arise at the political level, because we have an agreement and signed documents in the first place by Association with the European Union. We also are members of the European energy community, which also requires non-price discrimination energoterminal. Also we have signed a Memorandum with the IMF. Don’t forget about the coalition agreement, signed in 2014 in the Verkhovna Rada, where it was written.

“Candidates who promise to lower gas tariffs for the population and talking about it, today two – Timoshenko and smartly. They promise to establish. There are relevant laws where everything is, how it all happens. Nothing overly complicated and incomprehensible for ordinary citizens there”, – explained the expert.

In Zemlyansky added that lower tariffs for the population is possible, if we abandon the indexing of prices on the stock exchange and go to direct contracts.

“Any forward contract will give you a lower price of gas. Direct long-term contracts by definition are cheaper and require a lower price level than the stock market with high volatility (price spikes) when, of course, in winter there is a price increase. This is what we saw last year. On average, the industry paid more than $ 600 per thousand cubic metres, together with taxes and transportation”, – concluded the expert.