Lost in the woods three year old boy for two days warmed and protected wild bear (PHOTO)

Заблудившегося в лесу трехлетнего мальчика в течение двух дней согревал и защищал дикий медведь (ФОТО)

In the U.S. state of North Carolina three-year-old boy Casey Hathaway played in the yard of his grandmother with the other children, ran into the forest and got lost.

About it report “Facts”.

For the child searched for two days. The temperature during this time fell to six degrees below zero. In the end, the kid could find on a small island. He got wet and confused in prickly bushes. Rescuers had to Wade the height of them on the belt to get to the crying and calling mom Casey.

As reported by Fox News, the boy said that almost all the time it was cared for by chance they met a wild bear. According to the child, beast was warm and protected.

“He said two days hanging out with the bear. God sent him a friend that he was safe… Miracles do happen” — wrote in social networks the aunt of the child.

Some believe that the bear was imaginary. However, surviving in the cold, the child insists that she’s telling the truth. It also explains how he was able to survive in this cold.

Child just in case was hospitalized. His health was surprisingly good. He only has a few scratches.

Although the evidence is the words of Casey no, earlier, similar cases have been recorded. So, in 1955 in Montana year-old girl also got lost in the woods and stayed there for two days, during which it took care of the bear.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that the polar bear was trying to “revive” a dead bird.