Lomachenko confidently won a victory over a boxer from Puerto Rico, and United the two belts (VIDEO)

Ломаченко уверенно одержал победу над боксером из Пуэрто-Рико и объединил два пояса (ВИДЕО)

In the night from 8 to 9 December in the ring Madison Square Garden the clash between Ukrainian Vasyl Lomachenko and Puerto Rican Jose Pedraza. It was a unification bout for the WBA and WBO belts in the lightweight division.

According to the Informant, Lomachenko for the first time since 2014 is not able to terminate the match.

The battle began at 06:39 in Kiev. The first round both fighter held equal. Neither Lomachenko or Pedraza in the first round wasn’t really trying to attack, only probing the opponent with jabs, although in the second round of Basil has managed at least one good straight left punch to the jaw.

Not to say that the Puerto Rican was weaker, quite the contrary. Jose not only tried to impress Ukrainian champion change stands, but also very well defended. This is not surprising — he Pedraza admitted that the punches Lomachenko to the body is deadly.

However, by the fourth round Basil began to prove his status as the undisputed favorite. In addition to a single successful shock, “scrap” had a good bunch. By the fifth round both fighters seemed to forget about defense, focusing on attack. However, this exchange of blows, the Ukrainian came out with a positive balance. At the equator of the match as Basil, as in its previous battles, began to gain momentum and Pedraza was getting harder and harder to respond to attacks on Lomachenko.

The only bad thing for Ukrainians by the ninth round was a small cut near the left eye. However, this same mark, it became clear that almost the only chance Pedraza to win the match was the early end of the match. The reason for such classifications is that Lomachenko not only more shots, but often fall — and thus the decision hardly would have pleased Puerto Rican.

Moreover, in the eleventh round, Lomachenko began a whirlwind attack, sending a double down the Puerto Rican. And only the bell saved Pedras from a knockout. Basil, after the outbreak, when he showed his true level, somewhat slowed down, and calmly brought the match to completion.

Any doubt in the outcome of the battle was not — Vasily has won behind a clear advantage. The single judge’s decision gave the victory to the Ukrainian. So the first fight after the injury Scrap had a very, very confident and one step closer to the title of absolute champion in the lightweight division.

Later, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has congratulated Ukrainian boxer Vasyl Lomachenko with the victory over Puerto Rican Jose Pedraza. Relevant post on Sunday, 9 December, published on the official website of the head of state on the social network Facebook.

“Vasyl Lomachenko – the world champion under versions WBA and WBO! In the first fight after a serious injury, Vasily won convincingly against a strong opponent – Jose Pedraza. The incredible power of nature! Congratulations on the victory”, – stated in the message of the President.