LOBODA about daughter Tilde: “She does not look very much like me, more on Dad”

LOBODA about daughter Tilde: "She does not look very much like me, more on Dad"
LOBODA about daughter Tilde: “She does not look very much like me, more on Dad”
Famous singer Svetlana Loboda with her child for the first time decorated the cover of the men’s magazine GQ. In the photo she poses in black body and high-heeled shoes, near the singer there is a stroller with her newborn daughter Tilda.

As Yulainfo reports, in an interview with the magazine, the artist said that her song SuperSTAR literally blew up the Internet – “this is the case when the song does not have a gender orientation.” LOBODA noted that she mounts her own clips, including the last one.

“So many amateur videos, in which the people dance under SuperSTAR, I have not had in my whole career.” The song literally blew up the Internet, and it seems to me that this is the case when the song is not gender-oriented. SuperSTAR.This is my hobby for about ten years.Replacement of personnel is such a cube-rubik.Of course, we have editing directors, but I myself select those frames that I would like to see in the video, put emphasis, collect history.This is a collective work. My producer is also the director of all x our video works, and I, it turns out, the editor, “- said the singer.

In addition, Loboda told about the newborn daughter Tilda. The actress admitted that the girl looks more like a dad and is as calm as possible to talk about children for up to a year.

“I chose my daughter’s name after her birth, I wanted to see the baby, get acquainted with her and only then give her name, because it largely determines the fate.” She waited until she was born, to ask her daughter if she agreed to be Tilda. She does not look very much like me, she looks more like a daddy, baby, thank God, quiet, well, how much this concept applies to children under one year. But I still sleep very little, because right after childbirth I went into active working schedule Two days on tour, after rushing home, to children. until then, but nothing on the right But what happiness -. family became more fun to live! ” – said Svetlana.

Recall, the famous singer Svetlana Loboda not so long ago became a mother for the second time. Who is the father of the artist’s child is not yet known. There were no official statements from the singer. However, the press has long been rumored that the father of the newborn baby – the soloist of the group Rammstein Till Lindemann, with whom, as many suspect, Svetlana had a novel. The singer did not wait long for her fans to see her daughter, and she published her first photo with her in Instagram.

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