Living within 3 months: From the woman’s throat drew huge leech

Жила внутри 3 месяца: Из горла женщины извлекли огромную пиявку

Huge leech 3 months was in the throat of the Vietnamese women. This being at length reached 15 centimeters.

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Medical professionals initially took a leech for a tumor. A resident of the province of ha Giang went to doctors due to the frequent headaches and Arcania blood. During the examination the patient received the diagnosis of “throat cancer”. Flip-flop with the direction put on the operation, during which the sinus surgeon was pulling a leech. The operation took 30 minutes. According to the surgeon, Nguyen Thanh Nam, the operation was conducted in a timely manner. Otherwise, the parasite could cause irreparable harm to the 63-year-old woman.

The patient was threatened with breathing problems, since leeches often climb into the nose. According to flip-flops, she often swims in the river, from which the leech could get into a woman’s body.

Informed bloody leech escaped from a hospital ward.