“Living Ken” 69 after plastic surgery was left with a curved face (PHOTO)

«Живой Кен» после 69 пластических операций остался с кривым лицом (ФОТО)

35-year-old “Living Ken” Rodrigo Alves, which account for 69 plastic surgery, showed my pictures after face lift. The doctors removed from the face of the guy five inches of skin and pulled out a cosmetic thread, which caused the fibrosis.

This is reported life.ru.

«Живой Кен» после 69 пластических операций остался с кривым лицом (ФОТО)

Another plastic surgery Rodrigo took place in Tehran and took five hours. Physicians had not only tighten the skin of the guy, but to correct the errors of colleagues.

Rodrigo said that polypropylene fibers implanted in his face, caused the formation of fibrous tissue, so the operation was difficult and lasted so long. And yet, despite swelling and creepy appearance, the guy is fully satisfied with the result.

“The surgery went great, the doctors were able to reduce the size of my face. I had severe fibrosis because of the threads, and my skin was hard. Now my face will look smaller,” said Rodrigo Alves

Interestingly, to stop the fan plastic is not planning. After a few days he was going to undergo surgery for correcting the shape of the nose. The procedure also promises to be challenging for my nose Rodrigo doctors use cartilage from his ribs.

“I may even need to change my passport, because the recognition system at the airport might not recognize me”, – he said.

We will remind, shocking a resident of Brazil 35-year-old Rodrigo Alves, positioning itself as a gender-neutral person, spent a number of operations to change the appearance of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Due to the achieved transformations Alves was nicknamed satellite, a Barbie doll, journalists and netizens call him “living Ken”.