Lip-art as a work of art: we look and admire

Lip-art as a work of art: we look and admire
Lip-art as a work of art: we look and admire
In a series of endless selfies and photographs in swimsuits on the expanses of Instagram, sometimes there are pictures of these beauty-masterpieces. The work of bloggers and makeup artists who, with filigree precision, draw on their lips the heroes of popular cartoons, faces celebrities and works of great artists, otherwise the language can not be called.

From holographic lipsticks with a mirror effect to the lips, decorated with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals, which will make you feel like Niki Minaj – lip-art every year becomes more impressive. Beauty bloggers such as Laura Jenkinson, Andrea Reed, Vlada Haggerty (the one who presented the lip make-up cost of $ 26,000), Jazmina Daniel and Ryan Kelly, are attracting the attention of hundreds of thousands of followers, turning their lips into amazing works of art.

They use for this purpose familiar to all means which you, most likely, will find in any kosmetichke (thin brushes, lipsticks, shines). Girls paint their lips like canvas, depicting famous characters on it, popular pictures of great artists and cartoon stories.

We suggest you to admire the most interesting kinds of lip-art, inspired by pop culture, and even more works you can find on the hashtag of #LipArt in Instagram. Of course, such “elegant” lips in everyday life are out of place, but for a fashion-shoot or themed party – it’s the most.

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