Lime, ginger and rose hips strengthen the immune system in bad weather – the doctor

Липа, имбирь и шиповник укрепят иммунитет в непогоду - врач

In autumn, experts recommend to replace the usual hot drinks with vitamin infusions and decoctions.

The correspondent of ГолосUA said immunologist Lyudmila Petrova.

“Of course, in autumn and winter the more I want warm warming drinks, but it does not mean that clean water can give up completely. At least a few glasses of pure mineral water without gas must be present in the area daily, the rest can be replaced with warm beverages, but, preferably, not sweet tea, coffee or cocoa, and vitamin and flavored drinks with natural herbs” – told the expert.

Well cheer and warm in bad weather a Cup of aromatic ginger tea. Its healing properties will protect against bacteria and viruses. Besides, it is a powerful “disinfectant” means used in folk medicine in many countries.

Recipes of ginger tea are numerous, but the most simple is as follows: grate a fresh ginger root (a teaspoon) on a medium grater and pour a glass of boiling water or hot green tea. Infuse and add lemon to taste and honey if desired. You can also use dry ginger.

To strengthen the immune system, experts recommend drinking brewed thermos of broth hips. An important condition – do not boil the drink, but to insist, as boiling destroys the vitamin C, which largely determines the healing properties of these berries.

A good cough remedy is considered decoction of lime. Proven themselves and drinks based on herbs mint, lemon balm, sage – they gently support the immune system, relieve spasms of small blood vessels, they help you relax and sleep better.

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