LG showed a new 4K TV that you can roll into a tube. Video

В LG показали новый 4К-телевизор, который можно свернуть в трубочку. Видео

The panel retracts into a massive stand

On Christmas day, January 7, LG electronics show CES 2019 presented torsion 4K TV LG OLED TV R. reported The Verge.

This model is a 65-inch panel that folds out into a massive stand. The stand housed all the controls, connectors, and speakers, reports strana.ua.

The stand itself looks like a curbstone under the TV and can be installed on the floor. In order to listen to music, just to expand a screen only a quarter.

The TV runs on the operating system WebOS, he has the support Alexa, 2 AirPlay and HomeKit. The mechanism withstands 50 thousand cycles of opening and closing.

Video: youtube.com/LG USA Home Appliances and Electronics