LG has begun to develop a connection 6G (PHOTO)

Компания LG приступила к разработке связи 6G (ФОТО)

The South Korean company LG in cooperation with the Korean Institute of science began the development of telephone communications quality 6G.

It is reported by the Korea Herald.

As it became known from the statement of LG, the development of networks, the sixth generation, 6G, already under way in a dedicated research center, located in the district of Daejeon, South Korea. It is obvious that LG does not work yet with any actual smartphones with support for 6G instead trying to “lead the global standardization and to provide new opportunities for business”.

Компания LG приступила к разработке связи 6G (ФОТО)

In partnership with the Korea Institute of science and technology LG Electronics wants to “prepare for the future of the industry” and estimated for the transition from 5G to 6G will take about ten years.

Of course, the speed of mobile communication 5G must first reach its extreme values, which industry analysts don’t expect for several more years. The three main supplier of mobile services in Korea, including a subsidiary of LG Electronics, LG U Plus, at the end of 2018 launched a 5G network, while in Western countries, the mobile operators continue to find out who will be the first.

Also, we will remind, on January 22, the Chinese company ZTE and China Unicom have tested a prototype 5G-smartphone, making it with the help of the first call.

For field testing was selected Shenzhen is a major city in the Southeast of China. The call was carried out based on the standard cooperative architecture “new radio” NSA 3GPP Rel-15.

According to the company tested the speed of Internet access, a browser and instant messenger WeChat, as well as made a group voice call.