Legendary football player of “Dynamo” spoke frankly about the coach (VIDEO)

Легендарный футболист «Динамо» откровенно высказался о тренере (ВИДЕО)

Legendary football player of Kiev “Dynamo” Oleg Gusev spoke about the former coach of the national team of Ukraine Mikhail Fomenko. Ukrainian specialist have not caused a midfielder for Euro 2016.

This writes the commentator.

Gusev was very offended by the fact that he was unable to play 100 matches for the national team. Ex-football player of “Dynamo” held in the national team Jersey just 98 matches.

“I, when the guys from the other countries in the “Dynamo” tell you what, I have 98 games, they are surprised that I couldn’t play to a hundred. They say they have if a person has 98 games, its even on one foot produce on the field for one minute that you were welcomed. And in our country in another way” – outraged Gusev in the comments to the program “see the Interviewer”.

The player said that he would have remained happy if I was able to take part in several friendly matches before the European championship.

“Before the Euros we played against Wales in Kiev in March. And they made just one change (seven are allowed). When asked, they replied that another time. Okay, do you think that all: Gusev are not ready for the team. But you look at man for 13 years 98 games, you need to understand?! Call and say, “We’ll let you play now and five minutes with the Romanians, but on Euro you’re not going, there are players stronger.” It would be humanly”, – explained his position.