Left three notes: in Kiev the girl jumped out of the window

Оставила три записки: в Киеве девушка выпрыгнула из окна

In Kiev on 5 January she jumped from the window of the 23rd floor of a residential building. In the apartment of the deceased found three suicide note, addressed to different people.

As writes “Informant”, the tragedy occurred on the street Zarechnaya. The deceased was 28 years old. It is also known that one of farewell notes to her brother, the second — beloved man in the third were the words of gratitude to all her family and friends.

Police had to break the door to the apartment of the deceased — they were open. Also in the kitchen, the girls found three glasses with drinks.

“I could say many things, but just forgive me,” he wrote in one of the farewell letters written by the deceased.

It is also known that her body during the morning cleaning found the janitor.