Leading BBC interrupted by ether and killed himself

Ведущая BBC прервала эфир и покончила с собой 

The host of BBC Radio Shropshire interrupted the broadcast, telling colleagues that she needed a break, and then went home and killed himself.

Reported by the BBC.

Ведущая BBC прервала эфир и покончила с собой 

According to the news service, in December 2018, it became known cause of death of 41-year-old Vicki Archer.

A tragic case occurred in August, but the cause of death presenter coroner’s court of Shropshire announced only after 4 months.

According to the investigator, Vicki suffered from depression and had twice attempted suicide. In social networks, a radio host, you can also find records about the “inner demons” and mental health problems. Outwardly, the life Vicki Archer looked cloudless: she had a successful career, a family and three children.

On the day Vicki’s death interrupted the broadcast on the radio, told colleagues that she needed a break, and went home. After some time, came to her stepfather, saw that the door was locked from the inside, and knock no answer, and climbed into the house through the window. By the time the Wiki was already dead.

Earlier in Kiev man hacked to death a mother and the guest, then jumped out the window.

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