Latvia wants to ban the Russian language even in private universities and colleges

Латвія хоче заборонити навчання російською мовою навіть у приватних вишах і коледжах

The Commission of the Latvian Saeima education, science and culture on Wednesday, June 13, supported before considering in the final reading amendments to the law on universities, which include a ban on teaching in Russian in private high schools and colleges.

Amendments should take the diet, reports “European true”.

The Ministry of education and science proposes to allow universities and colleges which offer programs of training language that does not meet the conditions of the law on universities, to continue their implementation until the end of the accreditation period for these programs. However, after January 1, 2019 the admission of students on such programmes will not be allowed.

Under current law, in a foreign language are allowed to conduct training under the following programs where necessary to achieve the objectives of learning (linguistic and cultural programs).

Mon justifies its proposal that subject to the amendments to the law on education in connection with the implementation of training programmes at the secondary level it is necessary to set clear conditions regarding language learning programs in universities and colleges.

Since the state regulates the criteria for the implementation of training programs and criteria for their accreditation, it has the right to set what language these programmes are being implemented, says mon.

As explained in the Ministry, the changes governing the use of languages in private universities follow the recently approved amendments to the law on education which provide for a gradual transition to teaching only in the state language in secondary school. Now the law on universities regulates the use of languages in public institutions.

Education in universities, as before, will be one of the languages of the EU. In state universities of Latvia learning EU languages is only possible in some cases for international students and programs provided for in the treaties on international cooperation. Foreign students is required to learn the Latvian language, if the training lasts longer than six months.

About one third of the students of private universities were in the past year in Russian.

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