Latin American analyst: Maduro must resign in order to avoid the international blockade of Venezuela

Латиноамериканский аналитик: Мадуро должен уйти в отставку во избежание международной блокады Венесуэлы

Once again entered the office of the President of the Bolivarian Republic Nicolas Maduro in the near future to resign the head of state in order to avoid new large-scale blockade of Venezuela by the international community.

This personal opinion was expressed by Latin American political commentator Jorge Ruiz Mendez in comments to the correspondent of ГолосUA.

According to experts, is the resignation of N. Maduro will allow a number of international entities, including the Organization of American States (OAS) and the United Nations, to allocate Caracas free humanitarian aid, and to provide the country with additional loans for economic development. “Now Venezuela was in fact an outcast, not only in the “club of developed oil powers” and regional associations, he said. – If the situation does not change, the country will face a humanitarian catastrophe”. However, H. R. Mendez expressed doubt that N. Maduro will voluntarily leave his post.

Recall, January 10 N. Maduro was proclaimed President of Venezuela. It is expected that he will lead the Bolivarian Republic of to 2025. Immediately after the inauguration ceremony the President promised to hold the country’s economic transformation and win galloping inflation, which has amounted to about 2 million percent.

About your rejection of the new presidential term N. Maduro, besides the US and Colombia, said Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Canada, Chile, Paraguay and Peru. His regret about the inauguration of the N. Maduro said the leadership of the European Union.